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Nothing is more satisfying than to take her feet with a beautiful slut to finish her week in beauty. Like every Friday, Jeremy and his friends go to night clubs to relax. At the bar, he made the acquaintance of Samantha, a beautiful brunette with wavy hair, dressed in a very tight-fitting dress that dazzled her generous shapes.

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Samantha is a girl who does not have cold eyes, she likes sex and pleasure and never hesitate to take the first step. After a little chat, they danced together. The girl with her very short dress and her rounded buttocks made sensual movements by sticking Jeremy. A little striptease all in the middle of people. His rod was already rough in contact with the girl's body. She touched him still while wandering her hands between her partner's thighs. She loved to light men, and she fell on a real amateur sex. For his part Jeremy was very enterprising, he held the girl on his buttocks while kissing him passionately to show him his urgent urge. A desire they both shared. They left the crowd to look for a more discreet place where they could kiss and calm their ardor.

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When they reached the women's washroom, they half-undressed. Samantha just raised her dress and sat on the English chair. Her man licked her pussy like a hungry beast. He passed his tongue a thousand times while playing with the clitoris of his female. He fingered at the same time until the latter screams with pleasure. She ended up enjoying thoroughly, Jeremy swallowed everything, he cleaned this fleshy pussy by his tongue and kissed her. In his turn, he sat down, the pants already removed to facilitate the pipe to the beautiful brunette. She grabbed her hard cock, she liked to play with it, she knew how to handle it in her hands and her mouth in turn until slimy liquids jets out.

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